Glaring fact about Terrorists.

Glaringvia Daily Prompt: Glaring

We are notorious as killers ,terrorists ,those who like to shed blood and those who follow the religion of cruelty and oppression.The Muslims ,who are supporting and leading terrorist groups from around the world.Our children born are labelled as terrorists, our women and innocent citizens who want to live peacefully are killed because they are born with the birthmark on their forehead saying “terrorist”.

The century of victories is going to an end and a whole new chapter is opening..a whole new era of sovereignty , power, victories is going to start.It is the last year of 13th century…ottoman emperor is sitting in his camp..he has conquered Anatolia and other lands and now he is not going to stop here..His eyes are full of valor and dreams to conquer the world.Then, by the grace of almighty God ,his descendants ruled the world for centuries.They ruled on seven continents ,all bowed in front of them.People of different faiths, religions, castes, languages were under one roof now.The leader of them all was a Muslim caliph…

“I am the ruler of the seven continents ,the control of the world in my hands after almighty God.I am His reflection and representative on earth…”he roared addressing his people…            


He was Muslim but all faiths were practiced under his rule  with complete freedom ,in his land, in his territory.No one was killed without any purpose, no one was killed for just being an infidel.Muslims were in power but the world was in peace.This sun has seen many centuries when man was at such a glory that there were no beggars in the whole state.People couldn’t find poor and oppressed ones to give their charity away.There people lived in atmosphere of love, peace, happiness no matter to which religious, political, cultural category did they belong.Those were the golden times of this Earth when blood was expensive and happiness was cheap, when people lived as they deserve to live not like animals whose blood is as cheap as a worthless ant which can be trampled brutally and easily anytime and there is no one to ask about it…

Now they say Muslims are terrorists.They have no place to live on this earth ,there is no place for such evil religion to propagate on this earth, they must be eradicated.Their generations should be killed..

It is glaring fact that this world has fallen prey to evil politics, we have forgotten the piety of this land  ,we have forgotten who we are.We humans are civilized and tamed animals ,if we exclude civilization from us then we are left with just an animal who walk on two feet.Just to make our territory prosper,we have shed gallons of blood,we have destroyed and ruined this world and has converted into a place where there is no way a life could live properly.Just so that others do not prosper, we have labelled them as evils and terrorists, we throw mud on others so, the world hates them and leave no place for them to live…

It is glaring that world was much more better place back then when Muslims used to rule it and as it came into the hands of others, it is wrecked.Innocents die everyday because we have forgotten how sons of Adam should live, we have forgotten what Adam taught us…his children..

I want to ask if Muslims are terrorists then why all other religions lived up-till now.When Muslims had a chance to kill all infidels ,why didn’t they kill them then when there was no one to ask them.Why did our ancestors lived in peace under Muslim rule.Why this world was a better place before than now…

“By the will of God I will eradicate this world of tyranny and oppression.He who oppresses the weak is an enemy of me and I will fight against him…”the magnificent conqueror said addressing his nation…


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